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We set high ethical standards to measure ourselves ,and we collaborate with like minded to find better solutions
We maintain, global quality standards and best manufacturing practices

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We are experts in delivering the best organic inputs available in the market .our products are unique and have been developed by the most renowned scientists in this field and have been tested thousands of times in different soils under different climatic conditions to deliver the best molecules to our customers. Today our feather in the cap is the state of the art r&d facility which facilitates new agro molecules to meet the market demand. We address some of the worlds most pressing challenges and continue to develop new solution. We set high ethical standards to measure ourselves ,and we collaborate with like minded to find better solutions. Our value is based on our ability to provide farmers with best solutions. We maintain, global quality standards and best manufacturing practices.

At grefiglo we give utmost importance to customer needs, our customers can contact us the issues that they are facing with their plants or crops with the necessary pictures and we will provide you a solution within 48hrs and every customer will get a call after buying our products explaining about product application and to answer any quires that you may have. We have contracts with major organizations from in and out of the country. We have developed an effective and fast delivery network which brings the products to your home or office without waiting for long periods.

Technical Expertise

We promote excellence in biotechnology research from the best and brightest minds in the next generation of innovators. Our efforts unite the national biotechnology community, that includes research institutes ,mentors from industry ,students in delivering affordable and sustainable innovative products that causes positive impact on industries growth.

Project Clean

Cultivate with ease in

Saline and alkaline soils

Clean is an organic root conditioner, developed for the application to the soil to change the soil salinity/alkalinity at the root base , So that the crop sown/planted will perform normally and yield normally for that season.

  • In case of saline soils, the surface soil is scraped to remove the accumulated salts during summer season
  • Using organic fertilizers
  • Growing green manures like dhaincha (Sesbania)
  • Use of gypsum as soil amendment for the management of alkaline soils based on the soil test data.

Salts tend to form crust on the soil surface and this retards the growth, root development , water and nutrient uptake. The crop may die due to excessive salts near the soil surface. CLEAN disperses the salts on the soil surface which ultimately dissolves in water and taken by stream. Due to its acidic nature it also neutralises the salts to some extent. It will not completely removes the salts from the soil. It reconditions the root zone of the soil to facilitate normal crop growth for that season.

Generally 250ml of CLEAN is advised per acre. This should be applied within 10 days after sowing/planting. This can be applied to the soil by sand mix or by mixing with any ferlizers.For best results it may be used along with one kg organic zinc.

The difference can be seen within 4 to 5 days after application.

  • It conditions the soil and facilitates in normal growth of the crop, which if not applied will yield very less or may dry up based on the saline/ alkaline parameters.
  • If applied early in the season as per recommendations , it recovers the damaging crop.
  • The turns green and starts to absorb nutrients and water on par with the plant grown in healthy soils.
  • The crop which received CLEAN yields normally as is grown in healthy soils.



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An organic stimulant

Bioostim is an organic stimulant results in growth and development of flowering and fruiting branches or tillers based on the crop on which it is used. Which intern improves the yield parameters and results in improved quality and quantity of the crop, it also helps in development of more root volume and strengths the tissues, which imparts tolerance to the crop against pests and diseases.

  • It stimulates the meristematic tissues in the shoots and roots.
  • It improves the growth rate of epical buds
  • It strengthens the cells walls and hence results in think and broad leaves, which intern promotes more photosynthesis.
  • It also promotes the translocation of photosynthates to the economic products like grains, fruits, flowers……etc
  • Because of the toughness of the leaves, the crop tolerates the pest and diseases
  • As the nature of the Bioostim is organic, it increases transportability, storage life or shell life of the crop and enhances the quality parameters like -taste, colour and aroma.
  • Bioostim is manufactured with different components and compositions based on its use in different crops
  • It can be used by both foliar spray and soil application
  • It can also be mixed with fertilizers manure‚Äôs when applied to soil
  • The initial results can be seen within 4 to 5 days with good observation
  • It brings about regulated healthy growth of the crop in which it is used
  • It will not promote the lush green soft vegetation ,which attracts more pests and diseases, instead it imparts toughness to the leaves and stems which can tolerate the incidence of pests and diseases
  • It is chemical free
  • There is sustainable growth and development due to the use of bioostim
  • The effects are not temporary as seen in the growth hormones are used
  • It is affordable by the agricultural fraternity.
  • It reduces the cost of production due to less usage of pesticides and balanced utilization of fertilizers.
  • Strong root and shoot formation.
  • Healthy growth.
  • Improves branches.
  • Optimum fertilizer utilization.
  • Increases in photosynthesis and drought tolerance.
  • Higher grain number and weight.
  • Increased size , toughness and count of the leaves.
  • Tolerance to diseases and pests increases.
  • Because of sturdy stem growth it controls lodging to the maximum extent.
  • Results in filling of almost all the grains hence reduces the percentage of ill filled grains in cereal crops.
  • Increased yield by 35 to 40 %.
  • Control of excessive nitrogen bad effects.
  • Increases the tuber weight and quality in some plants.
  • In flower crops it increases the number of flowers and its keeping quality.
  • Fast growth.
  • Strong stems.
  • A grade quality.
  • It results in increased quality parameters like size ,taste, colour ,count & quality.