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Bioostim Clean is an organic product and a one stop solution , to cultivate in saline soils with ease .clean can be used both by foliar spray and soil application .Follow the product protocol and have the best yields in saline soils without difficulty .

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The characteristics of saline, alkaline and saline alkali soils  are

higher soil pH ranges along with high salt content with the predominance of sodium.Farmers have incorporated different methods to treat the saline  and alkaline soils. However, none of them was as efficient as needed.Like

  • green manuring
  • using organic fertilizer
  • scraping thin upper salt crusted soil during summer,
  • application of gypsum to counteract the salt problem.

These measures are done during off season and the correction so obtained is not sustained during the crop on season.

The ill effects of high salt content in soils are :

  1. Certain crops cannot be grown in saline soils.
  2. Crop establishment is poor and more replantings/gap fillings are required.
  3. Crop growth is affected.
  4. In most cases the crop dries up in patches.
  5. Plants will die
  6. Yield are very less in these soils
  7. Improper quality output
  8. Expensive to manage
  9. Time consuming

The crop raised in the salt affected soils invariably suffer with zinc deficiency and further deteorate the crop growth.

Grefiglo has made in depth analysis of the problematic soils with particular reference to the salt affected soils. Now we have a cost effective, on crop application strategic solution for this problem. This product was launched as a result of much research and after conducting many successful on farm trials . It has also passed through the University Screening trials. Clean from Grefiglo  delivers unsurpassed efficiency and premium effect by reconditioning the soil and root base.It utilises exclusive technology to deliver its purpose of facilitating normal crop growth every season.


How bioostim clean works

  • Salt tends to accumulate on the soil surface forming a crust that prevents root development and plant growth. Bioostim clean clears the salt content in the plant root environment and facilitates good plant growth and productivity.
  • CLEAN is an organic stimulant which works on soil surface and root zone.
  • It breaks the crusty salt layer on the soil surface and loosens the soils.
  • Simultaneously, it neutralizes the salt and make the soil environment more friendly to the crop.

CLEAN  brings about all the above changes within 4 to 5 days. If it is applied on crop during early growth stages along with fertilizers  or before the fertilizers are applied . we can observe the initiation of crop growth on par with the crop grown on healthy fertile soils. The growth initiated thus, will be sustained throughout the crop season and result in good yields.

How to use ?

Clean is very easy to apply, spray on the crop mixing with water or mix with any fertiliser or sand and apply to the soil. Use 250ml of clean for each acre and apply within 10 days after sowing or planting.use clean in periodic intervals as specified and get good yields.

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