Bioostim Cafi is an organic product , it increases hunger for the coffee plant , which inturn increases quality parameters like , bean size , aroma , colour .Cafi increases the crop yield by 25% – 35% along with it  resistance to pests and diseases also increases

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Manure For Coffee Plants Online

Bioostim Cafi Benefits :

  • Organic (Chemical free)
  • Increased yield by 25% -35% ( increased leaves, flowers ,growth ) .
  • Quality parameters like  colour , taste , aroma and size .which provides the crop with A grade quality output.
  • Resistance to pests and diseases increases as size and toughness of the leaves increases , which results in less use of harmful chemicals and pesticides .
  • Optimum fertiliser utilisation along with healthy growth and drought tolerance .
  • Because of sturdy stem growth it controls lodging to the maximum extent .
  • Results in filling of almost all the flower buds .
  • Control of excessive nitrogen bad effects .
  • Increases photosynthesis and drought tolerance .

Cafi is an organic stimulant results in growth and development of flowering and fruiting branches , It stimulates the meristematic tissues in the shoots and roots  , Cafi improves the growth rate of epical buds . It strengthens the cells walls and hence results in think and broad leaves,which intern promotes more photosynthesis. It also promotes the translocation of photosynthates , Because of the toughness of the leaves, the crop tolerates the pest and diseases As the nature of the Cafi  is organic, it increases transportability , storage life or shell life of the crop and enhances the quality parameters like -taste, colour , size and aroma.

Why & how it is different from other products ?

  •  It brings about regulated healthy growth of the crop in which it is used .
  • It will not promote the lush green soft vegetation ,which attracts more pests and diseases, instead it imparts toughness to the  leaves and stems ,which can tolerate the incidence of pests and diseases .
  •  It is chemical free .
  •  There is sustainable growth and development due to the use of Cafi .
  • The effects are not temporary as seen when the growth hormones are used .
  • It is affordable by the agricultural fraternity.
  • It reduces the cost of production due to less usage of pesticides and balanced utilisation of fertilisers.

How to use ?

  • Cafi can be used by both foliar and soil application .
  • Dosage of the product will be provided on the bottle , for best results use the product according to our suggestions .


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